Embassy of Ukraine to Serbia

Kyiv 23:14

History of the Embassy

Ukrainian-Serbian diplomatic relations were established on the 15th of April 1994 by means of exchange of notes.
In 1995 the ceremony of opening the first Embassy of Ukraine in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia took place in Belgrade.

The first Ambassador of Ukraine to the FRY in August 1996 became Vadym Prymachenko who was General Consul of Ukraine to the FRY from 1993 till 1995 and Charge de Affairs of Ukraine in the FRY from 1995 till the August of 1996.
Embassy of Ukraine was situated on the address: Belgrade, Josipa Slovenskog street.

The high level of image of Ukraine and its friendly relations with the FRY were evident from the numerous active bilateral meetings, visits of the official delegations to Ukraine, contacts of the diplomats of the embassy with the famous representatives of Serbian political and cultural elite.

From 1998 till November 2001 Ambassador of Ukraine to the FRY was Volodimir Furkalo.

From November 2001 till June 2003 Ambassador of Ukraine to Serbia and Montenegro was Anatolii Shostak.

From August 2003 till May 2005 Ambassador of Ukraine to Serbia and Montenegro was Ruslan Demchenko.

During this period Embassy of Ukraine was transmitted to the new premises: Belgrade, bul. Oslobodjenja 87.
From November 2005 till July 2009 Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Serbia was Anatolii Oliynik.

Relations between Ukraine and Serbia in this period continued to develop in political, economic and cultural spheres.

Numerous visits on high and the highest level contributed to this development: visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine A.Yasteniuk to Belgrade, participation of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in the 16th Summit of the Heads of States of Central Europe.

Embassy of Ukraine not only actively promoted the development of bilateral Ukrainian-Serbian relations, but also actively participated in the life of Ukrainian Diaspora in Serbia and Serbian cultural life.

From September 2009 Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Serbia became Victor Nedopas.
The 1st of December 2009 was an important date in the history of the Embassy – it was transmitted to the new building, bought as a property of Ukraine.

Ambassadors of the Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia

Vadym Prymachenko

Volodimir Furkalo

Anatolii Shostak

Ruslan Demchenko

Anatolii Oliynik

Victor Nedopas